A few weeks ago I came across a video of Miyazaki responding to an AI demonstration floating around the net. The presentation lead by the CGI team from the Dwango Artificial Intelligence Laboratory displayed a disfigured zombie like creature crawling across the floor.

I really enjoyed his response. Miasaki often creates a deeply empathetic connection between the characters and the viewer. The methods used to relate are similar to those used in non-digital living. Food is a great example.

One of the moments where I have felt most connected was watching Chihiro from Spirited Away contemplatively eating this incredible looking steamed bun. I could almost taste it! It lead me to absorb the scene so fully that I remember it more as a place than a thing I was watching.

The Dwango presentation took me away from place all together. The technology might be interesting it presents no relationship to the care that connects us to the cold screen. It’s almost as if it highlights the viewing device itself rather than allowing it to disappear.